Influencer : Peter Saville

Peter Saville (born 9 October 1955), is most famously known for his record and album cover designs for Factory Records.

He was a designer who’s career grew over many decades beginning in the late 1970s. Between the 1970s and and early 1980s he created album covers for several bands on the Factory Records Label, though the most well known ones include Joy division and New Order. He created many album covers for these two bands between 1979 and 2005.

Saville’s influences:

  • Saville was influenced by Herbert Spencer’s book ‘Pioneers of Modern Typography’. This book explained how modern typography has developed over time from 20th century art such as paintings, poetry and architecture.
  • Saville was also influenced by the work of Jan Tschichold.

Peter Savilles career consisted of working in the music industry creating brilliant and one of a kind album covers for many bands. Other bands that he worked with that I have not previously mentioned include Duran Duran, Wham! And Roxy Music.


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