Who Will Be Left Standing When Your Industry Matures?

Kate Buckley
4 min readJun 29, 2021


When technologies are at parity, mass adoption hinges on one thing: brand awareness. One key to success will be a memorable brand…and that begins with a memorable name. A name and exact match .COM that transcends the moment and stands the test of time.

In hotly competitive industries, it’s important to know what key intellectual property differentiates you from your competitors. Consider how leveling up to an ultra-premium.COM could increase your valuation, while amplifying global adoption of your brand and serving as a moat and multiplier for your business.

A Premium .COM Domain is Rocket Fuel to your Business Plan

Ultra-premium Domains bring: Authority, Credibility, Legitimacy, Memorability, Value, & Visibility. They are lead generators, brand enhancers, & appreciating assets. All lead to increased ROI & higher company valuations — while reducing the cost of customer acquisition.

Why are companies upgrading to their exact match one word .coms at a never-before-seen rate?

Premium domains are one of the most important strategic assets a business can own. We live in an increasingly technologically-driven connected world; domain names are the bedrock on which all internet businesses are built. There is an incredible amount of untapped value in a domain name well beyond the functionality of what it does, and no operating business would ever dream of selling their online identity. Particularly now.

Every single company in the world is competing for mindshare.

The pandemic accelerated worldwide digital adoption by an estimated five years, and the paradigm of paying top dollar for the best street address is increasingly being replaced by paying top dollar for the best internet address: a premium domain.

A premium domain name gives you a golden opportunity to compete on a level playing field in the major leagues. What serious player wants to put their heart and soul into a company without the aspiration of reaching that top tier?

Ultra-Premium .COMs are rare appreciating IP assets and, in most cases, you have a one-time opportunity to acquire your absolute best global brand before it’s off the market forever.

Why? Results.

Here’s what the experts have to say about building your business on an ultra-premium .COM:

“Ultra-premium Domain Names like these can help a company achieve instant brand recognition, ignite a business, and massively accelerate value creation.” — MicroStrategy CEO, Michael J. Saylor, on the Domain Name Voice(.) com which sold for $30 million in cash in June 2019

“If you have a US startup called X and you don’t have x(.)com, you should probably change your name. The problem with not having the .com of your name is that it signals weakness. Unless you’re so big that your reputation precedes you, a marginal domain suggests you’re a marginal company.” — Paul Graham, Y Combinator

“One of the best investments you can make early on is a solid .com domain name. they’re not cheap, but they’re an asset that pays unquantifiable dividends down the line.

“One-word dictionary domains are the holy grail…they’re not cheap, but they stamp authority, allow you to build trust with your customers faster (all else being equal) and typically convert better from paid digital through to checkout/sale.” — Harry Hurst, Founder & CEO at Pipe (pipe.com)

“When we founded the company in 2016, securing the domain Fair.com was anything but easy. However, very quickly we saw great returns with respect to customer recognition, service adoption, website exposure, and SEO.” — Scott Painter, Founder & CEO at Fair (fair.com)

“The new name [diapers.com] made the company more efficient, because it had to spend less money to acquire new business.” — Leonard Lodish, the first outside director for Diapers.com, which got its start as 1–800-diapers before upgrading to Diapers.com

Bottom line: A short, memorable, one word .com is not only the global gold standard, unparalleled for consumer trust, ranking, authority, and memorability, but quality, ultra-premium .COM domains are unparalleled appreciating assets — solving a multitude of pain points for companies striving to compete in the digital age, all while adding to not only their bottom line, but their valuation as well.

Moreover, unlike the sunk costs of marketing, an acquisition of a super-premium .COM is an investment in an appreciating asset that offers a lifetime of utility, SEO, security and enhanced brand alignment. It provides a return on that investment that is quantifiable and pays dividends in perpetuity. Moreover, domain assets are amortizable over 15 years on your balance sheet.

It’s worth giving some thought as to what it would mean to your perception, growth, and scale to level up to an ultra-premium .COM. It’s a one-time investment that could yield dividends for the life of your business.



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