About the mental and physical nature of skills, motivation and methods of pumping skills.

Skill is an ability to reproduce actions formed by repetition at the automatic level.

The skill is fixed in memory on the tactile and muscular level. Over time, the implementation of the skill does not require additional fixation of attention and allows maximum concentration on the result of the action, not on the process.

01. How skills are formed

Knowledge (theory) + Skill (action) = Skill. Skill is formed by exercise and gives an ability to perform an action not only in the usual, but also in the changed conditions.


01. Photo Creator

Photo creator by Icons8 — create realistic stock photos in minutes!

Stay on-brand by combining the perfect models, expressions, and environments. Compose the models, objects, and backgrounds in one realistic photo. Export to a layered and masked PSD for final retouch.

01. Design camera

Drag. Drop. Present.

Design Camera is an app for your Mac that lets you create, capture, and animate 3D mockups for your digital designs in a matter of seconds.

See how it works, and join the beta test like designers from companies like Shopify, Google, Starbucks, Uber, Sketch, and Dropbox.

02. Blobmaker

Blobmaker is a simple web app that lets you create, tweak and download organic svg shapes in just a few seconds. Organic blob shapes have been trending in web design for a while. Making them can be a bit of a pain though. …

A case of creating an effective e-commerce project Siaspace for a multi-brand designer clothing store.

Siaspace is an e-commerce project that brings together independent designers of niche clothing. This brand is created by professionals for wonderful people who strive for an extraordinary expression of their personality every day.

“We have realized that fashion is an integral part of the people in the XXI century. And this industry needs innovations as well as others do. So, we have made a decision that our brand should have the best e-commerce in Ukraine. We appreciate our customers, their time and comfort”,


01. Panda

Daily inspiration and news for designers. A smart news reader built for productivity, powered by integrations.

The web is a phenomenon that has many sides. The dynamics of development of each side is hurtling ahead to new horizons, it extends far beyond just the usual boundaries. Well-established methods and elements will be gradually replaced with new, more efficient forms of human communication with brands and technologies.

01 / Techno Trends

Tech trend 1: Machine Learning

This methods class of artificial intelligence is on everyone’s lips. And all because it solves problems not directly, but by learning in the process of performing many specific tasks.

Hey, ho! Let’s explore new interesting design treats, my friends 😉

01. DrawKit

You are a novice designer, and you feel it’s finally time to get the real job. In my time, I couldn’t find enough insider information about what the employer really needs, and here my logic could not work. After all, a hiring tactic expressed with simple and clear words can save both your time and the time of aт applicant. What’s about honesty … it’s just like that to detect a cheater who is trying to trick the interviewer :)

Ingredient 1: Two keys to get to the heart of the employer

I am looking for 2 things in applicants: for a high-quality portfolio and for the desire to advance. …

Kate Buke

Artist, Head of Design at Facility.team

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