Jesus, You’re All I Need

Have you ever felt having a hole in your heart that cannot be filled by anyone or anything?

#UNASHAMED2017 at MOA Arena
“Nothing in this world can satisfy my soul like Jesus”

Jesus Christ is the only cup that won’t run dry. I am a teenager who is desperate and pressured on waiting and looking for the right person to come into my life. I always rant and blame “that guy” for not coming too early because all my friends have been excitedly sharing about their romantic stories and conversations like a lot of hormones are boosting them up. I felt left.

All I wanted is to feel loved and experience how does a heart pounds and beat whenever his name is going to pop up on my phone. I’ve been curious on how does it feel receiving flowers and chocolates on a special day, receiving love letters and by fully exerting his time and efforts for you.

Not until, I encountered Him. His love is unconditional. He loved me at my darkest and my brightest. I committed numerous mistakes yet He forgave me endlessly. His mercies are new every morning. And every time I sing for Him, my heart does not only skip a beat because it is also set on fire. The fire inside me keeps burning. I cannot control it. He had given me a priceless and eternal gift that I could never replace — salvation. Also, His word are the best love letters that helped me transformed my life. I could not ask for more. His love is overflowing. He is more than enough. He is the right fit for the big hole that my heart was longing for. He is just right there, waiting to be approached and encountered. He is never gone. I was.

Lastly, I have understand that: “To find the right person, you must first be the right person.”

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