Reset or just Play

My life is falling apart. Is there a RESET button I could press?

A s a sinner who committed numerous sins, an ordinary girl who has a bunch of mistakes, a friend who has a lot of negative thoughts and shares negativity, and an ungrateful daughter who does not know how to appreciate small things, I would definitely press “Yes”.

2017 is about to end and I am wasting time rewinding my life. As I paused and looked back at the past, I saw a girl who has a gold heart turned into the worst version of herself. She finds it hard to set herself free because she is imprisoned in this world full of temptations. She felt ugly, unloved and has a broken spirit. Her heart was crashed and pride kept running when love betrayed her. She can’t help but get drowned on her thoughts. She got lost in her sadness and is still trying to look for her old self.

While she rewinds, she fell asleep and had the worst dream she ever had. Her dream feels pressed into the “fast forward” button of her life. Then, she woke up crying because she dreamed of her father dying. She could not imagine living without him. Even her relationship with her father is like a ghost — you could not feel it, but there is love. Their relationship was literally silent, they never showed affection for each other or even converse about “How was your day?”. But, he is the first man she loved from the very beginning. Her motivation to keep moving forward. That is why she eagerly wanted to press a reset button. She wanted to change and transform into the best version she could be. She wanted to capture and enjoy every moment with him. Fortunately, it was only a dream. And, she has perceived to instead press the “Play” button.

Without realizing, it is already 12:00 am. It is 2018. She rose at midnight and give thanks to the Father in heaven realizing it is not too late to create new memories and adventures with her loved ones.

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