My FIRE Toolbox

Kate Campbell
Photo by Leisy Vidal on Unsplash

My discovery of FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) came from reading through copious amounts of online content and clicking from site to site. To get you started I have listed below some of my favourite FIRE resources from around the web (which I will add to regularly) below. Although a huge amount of these resources are coming out of America (where the FIRE movement is much bigger), there are some fantastic resources starting to appear in Australia which is amazing to see!

Last Updated: 25th October 2018

Here are some of my favourite FIRE resources from around the web:

And some more resources that are specifically Australian:

And of course some Podcasts (via iTunes):

And some of my favourite financial independence-themed books at the moment:

As I continue on my FIRE journey I plan to share what I learn and discover here, as a record of my discoveries and growth. Please feel free to share your favourite FIRE resources in the comments below, as I’d love to check them out.

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Kate Campbell

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Young Self-Directed Australian Working in the Financial Technology Industry, and Talking Money and Financial Education @HowToMoneyAUS

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