We need to talk about pockets
E.R. Ellsworth

This is why I carry my phone in my bra. It was less of a problem with an iPhone 4s; switching to a 6 Plus required more finagling to get it right since it’s so big. It’s not a great solution but it works. Sort of. So does a phone grip but these just cover the phone and not even a stylus.

Suggesting women would want to or should wear men’s clothes is offensive in so many ways. Sure- have at it if you want but not for me. I’d sooner shred men’s jeans strip by strip than put them on my body ever again. Men and women have differently shaped bodies and it’s hard to find well fitted women’s jeans. Spending $75 on a pair of flattering, comfortable jeans is a tiny price to pay unless you get rid of clothes annually. I keep staple clothing a long time; think of 7 years=$10/year, 3.5 years= $20 year, etc. Buy the best you can afford and treat it well.