• Michelle Mazur, Ph.D.

    Michelle Mazur, Ph.D.

    CEO of Communication Rebel helping speaker make a bigger impact with their message while building a speaking business. www.DrMichelleMazur.com

  • Kate Mackenzie

    Kate Mackenzie

    Climate finance & policy person. @FT and @FTalpha alum.

  • Michael Schmidt

    Michael Schmidt

  • Rachel Wilkerson Miller

    Rachel Wilkerson Miller

    I write about life, weddings, home, health, race, feminism, & vintagey things.

  • crincled


    my opinions are not my own. I shamelessly copy them from Terrence McKenna YouTube videos

  • Chelsie Wood

    Chelsie Wood

    All of this thrown into the ether, never to know what will become. In the mean time I’ll keep on enjoying becoming. Making, making, one day made.

  • Chimera4001.3


  • Scarlett In Heels

    Scarlett In Heels

    LA girl in NYC, Entrepreneur, Serial Dater, Blogger, Travelista, 1/2 of @LustInHeels. Bestie of @EvelynInHeels

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