Inside 9’s shoe

9’s Shoe // Photo Credit: Pexels

Number 9 told me that it wasn’t true

Then he showed me something from inside his shoe

Unwrapping a fine paper held within my hand

Something told me to


But I can’t. Not when it’s there!

What if it’s a lizard? What if it’s a hare!?

Rabbits are okay now, because they are not worms

But hares are a bit creepy, ‘cause they bunny hop in turns.

Back to what I’m doing, I unfold the corner pleat

Lifting up the triangle and I realise, it’s so neat.

It can’t be a tree, or a tiger, or a smile

It can’t be a running tap that ran for 50 miles.

So what could it be? (and between you and I…

I hope it’s not a sheep.)

They’re so fluffy.

Back to what I’m doing I open up the sheet

I wonder if I said before, it’s really very neat

And there before my eyes, an amazing sight to see

It’s not a worm or sheep, a lizard or a tree.

It’s impossible — although it cannot be

It’s terribly important:

An origami mystery.

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