Party Like Citrus

Photo Credit: Pexels

If I were a lemon

And you were a lime

We would have the bestest time.

Hanging out in the golden sun

Being picked

And sent off for some

Others to enjoy our sour

Usually at happy hour…

Sitting in a handy bowl

At your local watering hole

Chopped right up

There on the bar

Look at us now,

We’ve come so far!

From starting life out in the sun

Now swimming in Stoli

Or a dash of rum.

Dark and Stormy

Or a Bitter Martini

The night gets late

And things get steamy.

Bumping up against icy cubes

Kicking off those high heeled shoes

Cosmo or Campari, red

Pomegranate, then off to bed.

You were green

And I was yellow

Good job our life

Was not too mellow.

All is done

We’re in the bin

Our life complete

All soaked in gin.

New planted seeds

It’s time to grow

Another tree

Just for to show

What fun we have

When being citrus,

If we weren’t here

They all would miss us

Their drinks would be

All dingy and grim

Like weakling tea

(Not proper or prim)

So all drinkers

Enjoy the zest

For us lemons and limes

We are the best.

If I were a lemon

And you were a lime:

We would party

All the time.