Photo Credit: Pexels

Diamonds are precious

Gemstones are precious

Children are precious too

You call me precious

Why am I precious?

Do you mean I’m all shiny and new?

Memories: precious

Photographs: precious

Heirlooms and gifts from your friends

You call me precious

Why am I precious?

Do you mean I’m sat here splitting ends?

Life is so precious

Travel is too

Seeing new things on the earth

Green or blue.

Parties are precious

Writing is precious

It depends what’s important to you.

You call me precious

Because I work hard

Because I speak out my thoughts

Well guess what:

I’m precious,

The world’s bloody precious

And it is if you like it or not.

The mean connotation from whence you came

Is little insulting at all

Because everything precious

Yes, EVERYTHING precious

Is totally wonder-ly full!

Everything’s precious

Yes even you

Probably you more than most.

So, you called me precious.

I guess we’re all precious.

And to that let’s all raise a toast!

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