Photo Credit: Me! Australia 2009


It’s a colour

And it’s a creation:

What you do

With your imagination.

Feeling warm

Your soul on fire

Breathing flames

Reaching higher.

Roses for romance

Ballons for flight

This bold, bright colour

Paints dreams at night

Fields of poppies

Tulips, trees

Strawberries, fire trucks

People on skis.

Red, red wine

and glowing embers

Red holly berries

Throughout Decembers.

Pasta sauce

Firey chilli

A clowns bright nose

For playing silly.

Ladybirds and Speedy Cars

A haunting moon

The rocks on Mars.

A snippy lobster

A crafty fox

Your Baseball shirt

Or Rugby socks.

A pomegranate

Rich and wet

A poison toadstool

Makes you sweat.

Designer shoes

Sordid affairs

Country Flags

Russian Squares.

A gentle blush

A foreign bug

A deep sunrise

Your favourite mug.

The sky at dusk

Before night appears

Hallowe’en and bloody tears.

The colour of war

For when we fight

The colour of blood

For when we unite.

Red is bold

Red is strong

Red is right

Red is wrong.

Choose a colour

Make it so

What you believe

Is where you will go.

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