The Cygnet to Success

Photo Credit: Pexels

“I’ve been thinking”

The Cygnet said,

“What if somebody

was to sleep in my bed?

We made a nest

From branches and reeds

We eat bits of plants

And a couple of seeds.

But what if somebody

was to steal all out stuff?

Take it out of our nest:

Would we have to sleep rough?!

Out with the ducks

On the edge of the lake

That would be strange

How long would it take?

We’re supposed to be regal

And live on our own

(When I grow up

I’ll be chased out of home.)

Some say that I do

Belong to the queen

I belong to myself

Don’t know what they mean!

When I grow up

I’ll be snowy white

I’ll be massive and strong

Yet slow to take flight.

But between now and then

Imagine our fate

If someone damaged our nest.

Would it be too late?

Would we survive

All alone by this mere

The thought of this

Frankly, fills me with fear.

So let’s go back now

and look after our things.

This world’s getting rough…”

(There’s a truth there that rings)

The cygnet looked down

at the cloudy brown lake

And wondered what else

Just might be at stake?

What about litter

Or fishing line string

That wraps around beaks?

Oh, the horror it brings!

The fearful cygnet

Made it back home

And sitting there worrying

All on his own

Realised that many a bad thing could occur

To you, or to me

Or to creatures with fur.

“We’re none of us safe

In our day to day life

but rather than sitting

In panic and strife,

It’s important to live

Each day as it comes

Whether hard or a challenge

Or a fanfare with drums.”

So the cygnet, he left

His nest on it’s own

Even when swimming

He still calls it home.

And off he did paddle

Around the big lake

Not thinking of terror -

And what fun he did make!

He swam with the ducks

He ate up some fish

He smuggled some worms

From a fisherman’s dish

And then without knowing

A funny feeling did rise

He flapped his big wings

And took to the skies

He might have looked silly

When trying to take off

But giggles and gossip

Were just not enough

To change him from doing

The thing that he liked

And suddely gracefully

The cygnet took flight!

So don’t be afraid

Of what others might say

Don’t live in fear

You must live for today.

Get out and do

Whatever you want

Because at the end of the day

We only live once.

Imagine how wonderful

Life without fear

You just got to do it

Success is so near.


(Inspired by: Imagination)

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