A Universe Explodes: A Blockchain Book, from Editions At Play
tea uglow

Scarcity- even engineered scarcity is what drives the ‘feeling’ of ownership – when this is exaggerated into rarity it becomes collectibility. You are then in the territory of an object having a halo of ‘authenticity’. It’s this that is so hard to reproduce in the digital era- but blockchain- particularly with its public ‘provenance’ (history of ownership) might be what finally makes digital objects collectible.

It’s a super interesting series of ideas – reminds me a lot of how a market for fine art photography (inherently reproducible objects) was created through the tropes of limited editions, vintage prints and the privileging of artist proofs and earlier editions in a series as more ‘authentic’ reflection of the artists/authors vision. Love it! Can’t want to see a thoroughly degraded/improved edition down the track. Congrats.

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