I Want to Be a Chalk Eating Starmonkey Too

Never before did I think I would relate to a drawing of a starmonkey eating chalk. And then I started a coding boot camp and read Why’s Poignant Guide to Ruby.

Learning Ruby is hard. Learning Ruby while using exhausted examples that sound like work problems out of a fifth grade math book is even harder. Enter Why and his comics, complete with more original examples. Why talk about apples and bananas at the grocery store when you could use chunky bacon and understand the inside jokes at conferences?

More than a job, being a developer is to be part of a community. The fact that we all have at least one inside joke helps me feel like an actual part of the community, even though it’s only been a week and a half since I’ve seriously started working with Ruby.

The guide leans more toward cultural value and weird asides than actual content after awhile, but reading about code it is a welcome break from actually having to write code when it’s all you’ve been doing for 8+ hours. To my friends in the tech world, stay weird. Some days, it’s the only thing keeping us sane.

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