Name: Pepsi

Ad: Live For Now/Live Louder/Join The Movement

1. The first shot is a man playing a cello on the rooftop of a tall building with a city scape in the back. Audience assumes this takes place in a big city.

2. Pop open of Pepsi can. Electricity bursts while man plays cello, playing very intensely. Pencil sound of photographer girl looking at reels. Photo snaps of Kendall Jenner modeling. Muffled crowd noises from protest. Scream of frustration from photographer. Screams from crowd when officer drinks Pepsi.

3. Slice of Life

4. It opens on 3 young adults one Asian musician, one Middle Eastern photographer, and one Armenian/Caucasian model. The all see a protest of some sort going on with all sorts of people mostly very diverse looking young people and each eventually joins. Pepsi is scattered throughout and all the signs are Pepsi logo colored. Eventually the model reaches a police line and hands the police officer a Pepsi, he pops it open and takes a sip and everyone cheers.

5. Young Adults

6. The benefits are togetherness and joining a movement and inciting change.

7. The call to action is to speak up in one way or another, to join a movement and raise your voice. Use your platform and talents to add to the conversation.

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