Inspired by Vampires and Dolphins: Sunlight on a Mutant World is a pleasing low-fi hybrid mix-tape.

Ocron’s latest release, “Sunlight on a Mutant World” is a little otherworldly and strange. But it’s got moments that really bring the listener to a sense of wonder and cognizance of dark beauty.

When musician Ocron was having a bad day, she turned to music to soothe her ailing soul. But on Facebook she was torn. Vampires. Ecco the Dolphin. She loved them both.

So someone interjected with the meme “Y not both?” and this mutant wave hypnosis c90 mixtape happened.

At times light and airy and at others heavy on distortion, this work manages to present the landscape of of a troubled world and hope simultaneously in music that might best be described as “pieced together in a very complex manner for a jazz-industrial album,” or “savvy with how analog elements are digitized .”

The sense of ambiance created by these tracks is excellent for the fan that prefers jazz fusion sampled to mimic dolphin noises and screams rendered to mimic Dracula. Track 5 exhibits an excellent sense of syncopation. Track 6 feels like a jazzy fog has rolled over a bay.

There are moments that feel a little strange in their stops and starts, but such is life. If you’re into new sounds that create a sense of relief out of tension— this collection of tracks brings it.