Kate on Tap No. 3

Best read while drinking whiskey. Neat. Because no one loves whiskey and buzzwords quite like Jack Donaghyand we all love Jack Donaghy.

Mobile First. Graceful Degradation. Progressive Enhancement. Vertical Integration. SYNERGY.

Kate on Tap No. 2

This post best read while drinking a Tito’s & Soda—cus you want a beer, but your gut is telling you to cool it.

I recently came across an article on Intuition Factors. It was one of the few things I’ve read about the importance of intuition in design. I am a huge (and quite vocal) supporter of intuition in UX and UI so I was, of course, like, hell yes.

“There is always a point in the decision making process where the designer must consider using data or educated estimations when designing software.” — Alex Shirazi

Let me preface by…

Kate on Tap No. 1

Best read while drinking a PBR pounder. Let’s face it: if you’re gonna relate to my longing for Blockbuster, you’re missing the old days and are at least half hipster.

In starting this new venture that is House, I have been thinking a lot about experiences. Not just product-based user experience, but life experience. There was a story on NPR in 2014 that has stayed with me (2014 seems like a REALLY long time ago, but it’s not). It was about the future of retail and how online retailers are becoming the go-to. (No shit, right? Keep reading.) But a…

Kate Ferrara

Design thinker, whiskey drinker. Design Lead, House at Andculture in Harrisburg, PA.

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