For those who are safe….

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For the people who are safe,

I’m glad for you. I’m glad the threats we’re facing don’t pertain to you.

But I implore you to acknowledge their existence.

This is not about The Clintons, or pussy grabbing.

This is not about race.

This is about the fall of America.

We have a narcissistic egomaniac in charge of our country, our weapons, and our Government.

We’ve forgotten that WE own it, not corporations.

I’m glad you don’t feel threatened, but climate change is real. Toxic emissions are real, and someone who denies science and presents “alternative facts”, designed merely to preserve his ego is in charge and giving control to the highest bidder puts us ALL in danger.

Instability, and a conflict of interests in a person who seeks only to benefit himself is DANGEROUS.

When we stand up we are fighting for you too.

We are not against you.

It is the people against corporations invading our government.

It does not matter at this point who voted for whom. The election is over, and Donald Trump is President.

And he is 5 days in and running America into the ground. There is total disarray and protest — and it is WARRANTED.

Understand, please, that outside of your bubble — people are losing their rights. That just because yours aren’t threated, doesn’t mean that someone else out there isn’t facing the end of life as they know it. For a moment, have compassion. Beyond that, understand that these things WILL in turn affect you too, even if you don’t see it right now.

A Secretary of Education who has no experience with the Public Education System makes no sense. She has zero idea what she’s getting into, which will make her very easy to control. Here’s what that means for the future: it means a private school for all children. It means religion classes, not necessarily of the faith your child wishes to practice. It means a personal agenda pushed through a curriculum, perpetuated by people who only seek to benefit themselves.

A EPA Administrator who’s “claim to fame” is opposing the EPA?

Do you see what he’s doing here? He’s dismantling our government so everything works only in his favor.

And good for you if what works in his favor, works for you as well… but for people ALL OVER THE WORLD we realize this could be bad for us all.

So, we’re reminding the President who is in charge. He is meant to execute the will of the people, and the people are speaking.

It does not matter who you voted for. It does not matter your party affiliation. These divisions are being thrown at us repeatedly only to distract from the war that’s really going on.

Stop diving as Americans. We are on one side now, and we have to take our government back.