Many of us are stuck right now. We’re stuck in living rooms, home offices, and parents’ houses, dealing with simultaneous round-the-clock jobs, daily activism, and little to no privacy. We’re stuck feeling like we’re not doing enough. We’re trying to maintain a presence on video calls without being interrupted or ignored, or judged for our appearance or our kids yelling in the background.

Bragging might seem like a far-off, tone-deaf concept, or simply uncomfortable, but self-promotion isn’t just beneficial during this time, it’s necessary. Gone are the days of dinner parties or curated events where you can mingle with strangers…

Running a small business during a pandemic is taxing, to say the least, especially when you’re dealing with long-term business decisions, stressed employees, unpredictable finances, and of course, paperwork. Oh, the paperwork. As a journalist and media expert, deciphering legal language is not my preferred area of expertise and yet, it’s a necessary evil when dealing with a business.

Rather than spending hours upon hours reading article after article (though you can do that, too), I sought out answers from the experts. …


This month I’ve been approached by at least two different companies promising to pick out the perfect corporate gifts for my clients, taking the task so thoroughly off my plate that I wouldn’t even have to know what I’d sent.

In a sense, this is appealing. Of course, I want more time and fewer emotional-labor tasks. At the same time, I feel an allegiance to personal gift-giving; why give a gift at all if not to say “I thought of you”?

But, that thinking gets heavier as time goes by. In past years, I’ve sent gifts from stores that…

Because your parents can only buy so many copies of your new book.

Every author believes their book is going to change the world. This is quite an exciting thought. And although they wouldn’t admit it aloud, most authors also believe they will become rich (or at least comfortably well-off) in the process. This too is quite exciting.

The numbers, sadly, suggest otherwise. The average non-fiction book will sell about 250 copies a year, or roughly 3,000 total copies over the course of its lifetime. Assuming each copy is sold at $20, which is a bit generous, that comes out to $5,000 a year, which is depressing even before you remember that the…

The ‘Pivot to Video’ Was An Expensive Failure. Will We Make the Same Mistake with Podcasts?

Almost nobody wanted the Internet to “pivot to video.” It has been an utter disaster. Surely we have learned our lesson, right?


The year is 2019, an ad blocker effective against inline video ads has been released. Advertisers see a new hope in the podcast format. They believe it will be difficult to block podcast ads if they are read by podcast talent and incorporated into the show. Even if ads can be identified they will be difficult to remove without negatively impacting…

Congratulations, your startup made a new cryptocurrency and you’re ready to tell the world!

Well, maybe it’s not exactly a cryptocurrency. It’s more of a token that people can exchange for goods and services, probably on the blockchain. Or maybe it’s like, you know, a protocol, and it’s all about the cloud, and it’s re-innovating the fundamental basics of what we talk about when we talk about–

Stop. Nobody can understand what the f*** you’re saying.

In fairness, it might not seem like it matters. Not when UET, or Useless Ethereum Token, can raise $40,000 in a couple days (this…

Kate Gardiner

Founder of Grey Horse, a feminist communications firm. Stuff in NY / Horse in Wisc. / Body on a plane. Think big.

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