Using Design Thinking to amplify the Life Fitness brand

In the Summer of 2015, the Life Fitness marketing department were suffering from the same demands on their time that we all battle with.

They were delivering the marketing essentials brilliantly, but struggling to achieve cut through and amplification for their efforts. This was because all their time was being consumed by ‘hygiene’ activities.

Talented and driven marketeers were growing increasingly frustrated that they were not able to leverage the competitive advantage that Life Fitness can offer, because they simply had too much on their plates.

From Hygiene to HALO

We worked with Life Fitness to create a global marketing innovation programme that would harvest forward thinking initiatives, and in turn amplify the Life Fitness brand.

We called this programme ‘Hygiene to HALO’.

Branding the initiative helped with internal buy in and on-boarding

The premise? Keep doing the ‘Hygiene’ marketing essentials brilliantly, but introduce ‘Halo’ activity that amplifies the brand in critical areas and drives forward our competitive advantage.

Design Thinking to drive change

The programme consisted of a series of Design Thinking workshops to help the team to think differently and surface new ideas. The format was designed to steer participants through a path of divergent and convergent thinking, arriving at unexpected opportunities for ‘Halo’ activity.

We created two canvases that encouraged participants to focus on an audience type, combined with a specific target sector, and then explore opportunities for innovation within that relationship.

The canvases then prompted discussion around desirability, feasibility, and viability within the business, and in turn ownership of the winning idea, to ensure proactivity beyond the workshop itself.

Facilitating Design Thinking

Armed with the canvases, tools, and a workshop agenda, it was time for the Life Fitness team to begin the programme of workshops.

As with all successful Design Thinking projects, there is a time where we consultants step aside, and the client takes charge of the initiative. This is the end goal after all.

Designing Design Thinking

The design of this type of workshop demands careful consideration and planning. The tools must help lead the participants, but also encourage freedom for conversation to take unexpected turns. This fluidity is integral to the design thinking process.

For this reason we prototyped and iterated the tools with the client to ensure we’d got the balance right. One such session lead to such a melting pot of ideas that the client was already acting on them before the workshop was complete. So we took that as a promising sign!

Since then, the programme at Life Fitness is well under way, and there have been whisperings of great ideas being born with each session.

Launching the ‘Halo’ Design Thinking workshops at Life Fitness has revolutionised the way our marketing department approach innovation. The interactive sessions that Pancentric designed have unlocked some truly exciting ideas and opportunities that we would not have been exploring otherwise. Heather Sieker, EMEA Marketing Solutions Manager

We look forward to seeing them brought to life, and the Life Fitness brand benefiting globally.

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