Transform Finance to bring Social Justice & Capital together in Phoenix

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What’s happening?

Based in New York, Transform Finance empowers grassroots leaders to reclaim finance for social change (among many other things).

Earlier this year, Transform Finance put out an Open Call for cities to apply to bring a placed-based Transform Finance Institute to town. Kimber Lanning, Executive Director for Local First Arizona Foundation, and I independently responded to the open call request in support of bringing the Institute to Phoenix.

After looking through twenty nominations and speaking with Kimber and me about why Phoenix is ripe for a deep dialogue around innovation and mobilizing capital for social change, Transform Finance announced the first three cities selected to host their flagship training. Over the next six months, Transform Finance will host the Institute in Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Phoenix, with plans to coordinate the Institute in a total of six cities.

The Institute will land in Phoenix next Spring (March 9–10, 2019) and bring local community organizers and social justice activists together with content on capital flows. The Institute will dig into case studies, utilize speakers, and build a framework for how we can better leverage capital to inclusively strengthen our communities in Phoenix.

Why are we organizing this Institute?

Phoenix continues to experience displacement in communities that have been marginalized for decades. Moreover, new investment is accelerating inequality and nonlocal land ownership. Despite these strong headwinds, communities are fighting for social justice by combating predatory lending, offering micro-loans for local entrepreneurs to generate local wealth, and increasing homeownership for people of color.

Who’s involved?

Local champions: Kimber Lanning (Local First Arizona Foundation), Katelyn Harris Lange (African-American Women’s Giving & Empowerment Circle), and Vitalyst Health Foundation are helping to organize the Phoenix Institute.

Institute attendees: We are looking for community builders, activists, organizers, and social justice practitioners new to the world of finance to join us for the Institute. In order to maximize dialogue and connection, participation will be capped at 35 attendees and there is no cost to participants.

When is the event?

March 9–10, 2019 (must attend both days)

Estimated time commitment:

March 9th, 1:00 pm — 7:00 pm

March 10th, 8:30 am — 5:30 pm

Learn More

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Katelyn Harris Lange is a current leadership search specialist with Y Scouts working to connect 10 million people to work that matters. She is a philanthropist involved in the African-American Women’s Giving and Empowerment Circle, Phoenix Sister Cities Board Member, and the current Diversity and Inclusion Director with Net Impact Phoenix Professionals.

Katelyn Harris Lange

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Here for inclusive economic development in Arizona + beyond | Philanthropist and power shifter writing about work, purpose & relationships

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