I had originally written only Girl Parts I — III, since that’s where childhood ended.
Allison Washington

Hi Allison! After I wrote my comment, I was afraid that my mention of JE’s book might not sit well…I suspected his narrator’s perspective on intersex issues might not have been considered authentic, but I hadn’t looked into it and I didn’t know. So I really hope I did not offend you or anyone else on that score. What I really meant to convey was that for me, the true deep link between his writing and yours was not actually the specifics of the narrator’s issue, but rather how his writing fully captured and engrossed me and made me feel compassion and love for the people in it and stayed rolling around in my mind after reading and made me wish there was more — as yours did. So thank you for your work, and for sharing your thoughts with me. I’m psyched to be a new reader. ❤

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