The Backstory: Fear of Picket Fences
dana yobst

I’m glad you wrote this, Dana. It’s wonderful getting a glimpse into your mind and heart as it pertains to adventure. This piece answered some questions I’ve always had about you — curiosity about you as an intriguing and adventurous spirit and world citizen. I love adventure too and not having plans, but there is a part of me that also needs the kind of roots a home and predictability bring before being able to venture away from it. I think adventurous souls like yours feel at home within themselves in a truly beautiful way. Would you say this is true of you? How did you jump back into careers after time away? Was it via connections? And did you feel like if things didn’t work as planned, you had backup? (did that matter in your choices?) Also, I visited a friend who lived in Marin over a decade ago and fell in love with it…life there seemed and sounds so awesomely mindful and casual. Crazy cost of living!! Unimaginable to our family in MN. I believe your adventures are not over, Cuz, for you and your family. Sending love.

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