It was easier in Spanish
dana yobst

This is such a powerful read, Dana. Your recollection of the details is so clear…as it is with traumatic events. I read parts of it outloud to Arthur and choked up along the way, able to put myself in your shoes as a mother whose heart beats for my family (and also just imagining the pain of having just moved forward on a long-held heart-felt dream to have to pull out)...I LOVE that you followed your heart and moved to Columbia. I found myself in the middle of a self-exam as I read your words, as I have never given myself regular exams outside of my annuals, despite knowing I should. Your mom was so strong and wise, and I have been reflecting recently on your self-confidence and independence and what she did to encourage this in you. I would love if you would write on that sometime, if you would be inspired to do so. It is so understandable that life ‘in the tunnel’ (this beautiful spinning experience with little ones) would have you out of the habit of checking yourself. Random thoughts…because I’m just barely out of ‘the tunnel’ myself. I’ll schedule a mammogram soon. Everyone has told me how painful they are, and I had decided to wait until I’m 40 (next year). I love you, your authenticity, and your courage to do so many things including sharing this vulnerable experience. It is already making a difference. Thinking of you and your angels daily.

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