These Vaping Habits Could Make You Look Like An Idiot Even If You Use The Best E-Cigarette In UK

With all the amazing ways in which vaping is being made into a better experience, this indulgence is becoming less and less uncommon. And that is the reason why it could also become a problem. Sometimes owning the best Nautilus mini air tank or the best e-cigaretter in UK is not sufficient to enjoy a great vape. The way you vape equally matters and so does the place you choose for vaping. Following are a few common mistakes that you should learn to avoid:

Treating the e-cigarettes as some kind of fog machine: 
No, this is not even remotely cool or amusing to anybody. As a matter of fact, blowing huge tufts of vapours can actually make you look like a rookie and annoy others around you.

Vaping at inappropriate places where most people are likely to have an objection: 
Consider the movie theatre for instance. Just like regular smoking, this habit would irritate others and may even get you into trouble, ruining your indulgence. Also, vaping in the toilet, at a library or at a school or anywhere near kids are not good ideas either, for similar and obvious reasons. Looking down upon smokers:
Many new vapers start to consider themselves somehow superior to regular smokers and are not inhibited to express this emotion to the extent of being plain rude to smokers or other people, acting like some sort of an e-cigarette evangelist or abandoning a conversation with an intense parting shot. This behavior is just not acceptable nor is it mature. Ultimately, this would lead people to turn unwelcoming towards you thereby damaging your plans of hanging out with them.

Leaving your cartridges everywhere, carelessly: 
It is your responsibility to pick up your trash in whatever form it may be. E-cigarette cartridges still contain nicotine and can be very harmful to children and pets. Make it a habit of either carrying them with you or disposing them off at the right time.

Blowing vapours on to someone’s face: 
Another habit that a lot of people may consider cool is actually extremely impolite and annoying. If you are into this habit and think that it is funny when someone objects, you are terribly mistaken. You should always turn your head away from people when exhaling.