Splendid Housewares

Case-study of Project 2_General Assembly_August 2017


Andrew runs a restaurant, and has a busy schedule. He is planning to host a dinner party at home.


He needs additional place settings for his guests while at work.


Andrew can rent items from his phone on-the-go and have them delivered to his house while at work.


Andrew is able to supply dinnerware to his party guests, without having to purchase items he doesn’t need all the at all times.

Company Overview

Splendid Housewares is a housewares shop in Aldgate, serving locals and business’ since 1964. Our products are locally sourced within Greater London.

Keen to quality over quantity.

Our Customers

Our Customers live in great London, have busy lives, like high-quality products, value quality time spent with family and friends. Below are the initial user interview participants:

The key findings from the interviews were that this type of persona valued:

Tracking, Minimize time, See logistics, and Precision.


Experience Mapping

As Andrew decides and plans his dinner, I mapped out his user journey and user experience map. I categorized first the actions, then broke down each action as the following: task analysis, thoughts, feelings and emotion.

Design Studio

As a group we did quick iterations of how this app would work. My sketches focused on incorporating a rental aspect to the housewares purchasing experience, as well as added community engagement via renting from those who have already bought the item from store.

Initial User Flow + Wireframe

The goal has now been focused to: Andrew needs additional wine glasses for his dinner party. The Experience map made it clear where the opportunity was for change, the moment he realizes he does not have enough glasses for all his attendees.

Card Sorting

We tested with 5 users to find overlaps and insights into how the card sorted. One user complete the task exceptionally fast, not because she is a housewares fanatic but because she kept the cataloging rather simple. I kept near her sorting, but making simpler, as she had two piles with only 2 items within.

Initial Wireframe

My first wireframe incorpated within the flow to choose to rent or purchase. The first frame stayed throughout the entire design process, with only simple additions and simple editing. The 4th frame stayed near to the end, where the user sees the map that will deliver the rentals to them.

Wire-frame Iteration