Evaluating Medium

Over the past few weeks/months I have been posting regularly on medium as part of my module. Medium has been very useful for me for as a blogging platform because of the simplicity of it. I started this module with very little blogging experience and was quite apprehensive about using this as a weekly thing due to lack of knowledge of it. However, as the weeks went by I began gaining confidence on using Medium as a blogging tool and with that my posts became longer and more professional.

my first Medium post.

Using Medium has been very beneficial towards my learning. The reason for this is the fact that it is multi platform this allowed me to create the blog posts I needed to create easily even if I didn’t have my laptop with me at the time. As well as this, Medium has allowed me to explore the use of hyperlinks and other tools that I may not have used before which has allowed my learning and knowledge to widen in comparison to what it could've have been had I not used this as a tool.

Overall, as a blogging tool Medium is great as it is simple and easy to use which makes it perect for first time users or blogging veterans. And as a kearning tool Medium is a good way to broaden your knowledge with it being as simple as it is.

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