“F*cking it up & Other Stories” — Hollie Brooks

This week is journalism week at LTU. As part of this, I attended several talks from various notable journalists and bloggers. The most notable speaker from these talks was Hollie Brooks; Brooks is currently the senior editor of We Are Unicorns and has her very own blog, The Navigation Blog. Her talk, titled “F*cking It Up & Other Stories” was all about her journey and the struggles she faced getting to where she is now. Overall, her talk was both inspiring and informative; unlike many speakers she made sure she didn’t “sugar-coat” anything, making sure that all the students knew that throughout her career she has faced many step-backs but hadn’t let that stop her in continuing to pursue the thing that she loves to do.

As well as telling the students that “No one gives a sh*t, go out and do it” she also provided insights as to one of the key things to keep up with the news and get “valuable” information “Nothing is more valuable than knowing stuff people above 25 don’t understand. Every brand is dying to know what’s cool” and stating the importance on using social media as a form of promoting and showing your content in order to gain more readers.

Overall, Hollie Brooks’ talk was one of the most refreshing and inspiring talks I’ve had the joy to listen to. She didn’t sugar-coat anything, she had “edge” and she proved that despite facing difficult situations, you can do anything you want as long you put your mind to it.

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