Münich (Part 3/3)

Our last stop on the April 2018 Europe adventure was a city that means a great deal to me. I spent the few days we had there brushing up on the german I learned when I was in high school after my introduction as a 5 year old living in suburb nearby.

Augustiner Keller https://www.augustinerkeller.de/welcome/?L=1

A lot of my driving for wanting to visit Munich was based around the want to visit the well-known Hofbrauhaus. When we arrived late in the evening the Augustiner bier garden was one of the few must see places open. We rushed over for a cold beer and were atomically drawn to the atmosphere. The inside offers a long beer hall and the outside endless seating with table service offered for dinner.

Marienplatz visit in the middle of the day for the glockenspiele show attracting crowds twice a day. Most travel books will tell you to stop by but in my opinion, if you miss the hour you’re not missing much. The sounds can be heard from outside of the plaza for just as much auditory enjoyment as visual … but thats just my opinion.

Der Pschorr https://der-pschorr-bayerisches-wirtshaus-restaurant-muenchen.business.site/

Germany does not mess around with their beer and Der Pschorr is another great place to visit. Right outside of the Marienplatz square and across the way from another amazing food market, this bier garden is a great place to sit down for a meal. The options are extensive and delicious.

Turkish kebob https://www.facebook.com/tuerkitch

Way far out of the way but more than worth it, the doner kebob in this little shop was the real deal. They don’t try and get fancy with unnecessary ingredient instead have landed the title as the best kebob in Europe. Other than this little shop, there isn’t a whole lot to see on this little strip. If you’re looking for a quick way to get there jump on the train. In Munch they go by the honor system when it comes to the underground so buy the ticket for a couple dollars and you have full access to the city.

Regardless of how you get there the doner kebob will be well worth the trip to the outskirts of the city.

HB Haus https://www.hofbraeuhaus.de/en/welcome.html

Probably one of the most well-known landmarks in Munich and a huge driver of Oktoberfest, the HB house is a must see during your trip. Another location outside of the Marienplatz center. The biergarden is open seating so feel free to grab a seat when you see one open up, but if you are looking to have a meal in the famous beer hall, CALL AHEAD. I was told by multiple people that it was a first come first serve situation, but upon arriving we were denied a place to sit.

A reservation allows you to enjoy a meal on a long table shared many others and the bands energetic music in the background.


Regardless of you feeling on football (soccer) the energy and excitement at the Allianz stadium was such that I have ever felt before. The trains to the stadium were packed with fans on their way out of city center to Alianz. The second we reached the train stop, I couldn't help but smile due to the roar of fans chanting. To say the atmosphere was anything other than electric would be a complete lie.

Via go go helped us find tickets only hours before the game started for a small fee and we managed to find 4 seats just a few rows back behind one of the goals. The game was top talent and a wonderful way to close out our last full day of the trip.

English Gardens https://www.muenchen.de/int/en/sights/parks/english-garden.html

Before heading to our hotel closer to the airport, we enjoyed sometime just laying in the park. The English Gardens spanning 1.488 square miles, there are ample opportunities to find your own spot in the grass. If you are looking for some entertainment, walk over to the Eiscbach river. A natural wave is created allowing an opportunity for locals to enjoy surfing right in the center of Munich. A fun place to sit and enjoy a relaxing summer afternoon.

I am writing these three posts as a start of my efforts to be better about documenting the amazing experiences I am having with some wonderful people. Travel and photography are a huge part of my life so follow along, or don’t I’m going to keep posting for myself and whoever feels like a quick 5min read. Hopefully I’ll get better at this along the way.