Nintendo Wii UI Analysis

When the Wii was released it was really one of a kind. It worked to challenge how video games were viewed, and how we interact with them. The Wii got users on their feet for the first time commercially, giving users a whole new video game experience. Looking at the design hierarchy of needs, I believe the Wii has done a good job of meeting the majority of these needs sufficiency.

I would give the Wii a 2 on creativity. When it was first released, it was the first interface of its kind. It was the first to allow the user to interact without buttons. The design was sleek and fresh. Interacting with the Wii was an innovative and unique experience. Looking at proficiency, I gave it a 3 due to the fact that it really accomplished something new and useful for the public. I think it did a great job with getting users on their feet. The overall goal was to help improve physical health while participating in a video game. I am not sure how it fared statistically, but it accomplished its immediate goal. I have rated usability and reliability with a 3. It is usability specifically in the way that, icons are understandable. The user is able to come to a conclusion about what each menu option’s functionality is without too much investigation or need to mouseover. The design is clean and without much if any confusion to the user. It is reliable due to the fact that the design of Wii across its user story is consistent. Going from one menu to the next is cohesive and without confusion. You are constantly reminded that you are within the Wii interface. Last, I gave Functionality a 2 the design works for what it is intended to do. This console was meant to be simple and effective to help people get on their feet when playing games. I think it does a great job at that. I never found anything extremely wrong with the interface, and think they did a good job of keeping it simple and usable. 
Overall, I think the UI is successful, and I gave it a 2 in rating. I think it worked for the time and audience it was intended for. Today, It could use some improvements to keep up with the time and design trends. Its navigation was easy to follow without much instruction or guidance. I think each of these needs are very important. The one I would take out would be proficiency. I don’t think that every UI needs to be life changing to accomplish a successful User Interface. Individually, if each of these needs are met, you have an extremely powerful and successful UI and UX.

Nintendo Wii