The Skimm UI Analysis

Recently I have become extremely fond of the Skimm app. For me, I don’t always have time to watch the news, or read full articles. The Skimm allows me to stay knowledgeable about the world in an amount of time that makes more sense for my day. The company used to communicate with their users solely through email updates; only recently have they released the app for greater engagement and resources.

I again wanted to rank the interface based on the Design Hierarchy of Needs. I am giving it a 3 for creativity. The app not only gives you great information on the most important news around the world. It also updates onto my calendar. No longer will I miss an awards show or important football game. The app has a great design, effective and clean. In terms of proficiency, I would again give the app a 3. The Skimm is completely new and innovative and unique. It allows users like myself who are extremely busy to stay in the know about important events and news.

The design of the app is extremely well done and clean. Moving from one section to the next is a fluid process, without complication. I have yet to find a usability issue with the app. While utilizing Skimm, I have never been confused or lost. It is extremely straightforward and useable, even for first-time users. Because of this, I would give usability a 3. In the same light, the app is consistent throughout the user story. Each page is building off the next, and apparent that you are using Skimm. The design functions how you expect it to and is a continuation of the original email notifications. Meaning that I am giving reliability and Functionality both 3's

Without a question, I am giving the Skimm an overall grade of 3. It is a well-designed user-friendly experience. The designers of the app did a great job creating an app that a multitude of people would feel comfortable using. Each of the steps on the design hierarchy of needs contributes to the overall success of the Skimm app.

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