#Metoo = sex ed?

So… this whole me too business…

I get that its trying to show ignorant people just how common it is to be raped or sexually abused, however, isn’t getting the victims to relive and be judged on a social platform is just another form of abuse?

The love of sexual abuse fuels the porn industry, which again, for many of us is also our sex ed. It’s any wonder chicks grow up thinking it’s their purpose to be abused, for guys to genuinely think no means yes and being forceful and violent to someone is a natural born right. 
The older I get, the more I understand that consent isn’t a luxury but should be the key gateway into a sexual encounter.

Lets just face the cold hard facts, no pun intended. But for a lot of people (guys and girls) being raped or abused is their first encounter of any form of sexual education. Subconsciously the mind then associates being violently raped as what sex is defined as. As I get older, my friends all get married and have children. However, my definition of what love is makes it impossible to have a conventional relationship.

It really depends on what we want as a society, do we want less people to be abused and therefore severing the cycle of producing generations of people who are programmed to expect abuse as a part of everyday life. Or are we only mortified when it is our own child or someone we love that becomes a victim?

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