Zach Crawford’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020

Katie Lamb
Dec 30, 2019 · 16 min read

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020 — Why It’s the Best Online Course to Learn Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve ever researched making money online, it’s likely you’ve come across someone talking about affiliate marketing. I have done a lot of research on mentors and courses related to affiliate marketing and the one I’m going to talk about today is hands down the best I’ve ever come across for the value you get.

My secret affiliate marketing hacks review for 2020, will show you inside the course and inside the story of the creator Zach Crawford.

There are many ways to make money online and we are very lucky to have so many opportunities open to us. But the hard truth is, many people still fail to ever make a penny from an online business.

What is the reason for this?

One of the biggest reasons I know that held me back before, was never having a mentor and not investing in a course that would show me EXACTLY what I needed to do. I used to just dabble with this and that, then give up after a few months.

Sound familiar?

Affiliate marketing is one of those online businesses that many people ’dabble’ with and often give up in a few months when no money rolls in. Many people also think it’s more complicated than it really is, thinking they need their own product, or that they need to be super techy.

I used to think like this!

Then I came across the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks course and its awesome creator Zach Crawford. I really liked what Zach offered, with so much value upfront and a ton of the techy stuff done for you. Plus, you don’t even need your own product to sell, he set’s you up with all the funnels and software to promote his course and the One Funnel Away Challenge.

This is a great way to start and learn the ropes — promoting a proven product that you know helped you, allowing you to talk about it with certainty to others.

Being a beginner in affiliate marketing means you’re going to need all the help you can get and this is what makes this course stand out from others.

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks gives you everything you need from getting your head in the right space, choosing a niche, finding your tribe on social media, free traffic strategies, setting up funnels, converting leads to sales and eventually scaling to six figures.

I have been through the training myself and I am an affiliate for Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks. But, I only write about courses and products I believe in as this is also what Zach has taught me — ethical affiliate marketing.

Many courses will teach you to promote anything and everything, whether you have used the product or not. This is also what drew me to Zach — he teaches ethical affiliate marketing methods plus organic ways to build up your business, unlike other courses which push you to spend thousands on ads before you even know what you’re doing.

Who Is Zach Crawford?

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020
Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020

Before you jump into buying anything online, you likely want to know a bit about the creator or brand you’re buying from. I’m the same — I don’t trust easily after being burnt a few times. This is why I’m going to delve a little deeper into who Zach is and the story behind him.

Zach started out his early years like a lot of us, working in a job he hated and living for the weekend. He worked in a post office and was just living from paycheck to paycheck.

One day he was riding on his motorcycle and he got hit by a drunk driver. This ended up changing the course of his life forever in many ways.

Due to all his medical bills he ended up $50,000 in debt and seriously depressed. With the stress of all the money he owed weighing him down and him not being able to see a way out, he sank deeper into depression and even thought about suicide.

Many people would have just given up, but after talking with his family he knew he had to take some BIG action to dig himself out of this hole he had found himself in.

He sold everything he owned, bought a one-way ticket to the Philippines and decided to work every hour in the day as long as his money lasted to build his own online business.

Two years later after many failures and lessons, he became a ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner, a top affiliate for BlueHost and he was earning in a month what he used to earn in a year.

Check out his story on his YouTube channel here. You’ll definitely be inspired, I definitely was!

After getting huge success promoting other people’s products as an affiliate, he then went on to build his first online course called Top Earner Mentor. This is what I originally signed up for.

And after signing up for Top Earner Mentor, Zach decided to give even more value and re-vamped the course into Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks which is what it is today. This is another reason which made me think I’d finally found the right course and mentor — Zach was really focused on making his course the best affiliate marketing course out there.

Today Zach lives with his girlfriend in the Philippines and carries on running his course and helping new affiliates get started in the game.

If you want to check out more about Zach and see him in action, click this link to watch his FREE webinar.

What You’ll Get with Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020
Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020

Once you sign up to Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks, you’ll gain access to an awesome online platform where your training videos will be and a private Facebook group.

The Facebook group is extremely valuable as Zach does weekly live training, is always available to answer questions and you’ll be able to connect with many other marketers who have built successful businesses through the course. Here’s an overview of what you’ll get after signing up;

  • Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Masterclass ($1,997 Value)
  • Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks FB Group ($997 Value)
  • Traffic Mastery Training Course ($997 Value)
  • Live $100k Group Coaching Sessions ($1,997 Value)
  • Access To Zach’s Private Affiliate Program + Dream Car Program ($997 Value)


  • DFY High Converting Funnels ($4,997 Value)
  • Leverage Zach’s Bonus Packages ($2,997 Value)
  • The Million Dollar Swipe File ($997 Value)
  • How Zach Made His First Million ($997 Value)

There Is so much value in what Zach offers after sign up. The thing that always stopped me before from signing up to other affiliate courses, was that I didn’t understand a lot of the techy stuff like; building the funnels and how to get traffic to offers without spending thousands on ads (among other things).

The great thing with Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is that Zach has literally built the funnels for you, so you just plug in your details. Plus, he teaches organic methods to get free traffic to your funnel once it’s set up and even gives you access to his swipe files of emails and Facebook posts that he uses to make him seven-figures in profit!

A Quick Look Inside the Training Portal

For this Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks review 2020, I’m going to detail what you’ll get access to inside the training portal. After logging in and creating your own password, you’ll be presented with a first video to watch. After this, you can gain access to the main 4 training chapters and 4 extra areas to kick your affiliate business into the super success arena.

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020
Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020

Chapter 1 — Successful Vs Unsuccessful People

Here are the lessons;

1. Remastered World View

• Long Term vs Short Term Thinking
• The Secret to become a Millionaire
• Stop Consuming, Start Creating
• The Internal battle going on Inside You
• How to Gamify your Life
• Create a Vision (You must do this)
• How to get Sh^t done

2. My First Million

• The Back Story
• Your Strategy to Dominate

This is the stage where you’ll learn how important mindset is in business and life success. It’s something I didn’t know I needed to work on until I came upon this training.

Only around 5% actually make it to the super affiliate stage, where they actually make a full-time, exceptional living. And now I’m realising, although hard work and consistent action is the main factor that got them success, a strong mindset is what stopped them from giving up in tough times.

Without a strong mind, they may have given up after a setback occurred and before they started to make money. And now looking back on my life and other online businesses I’ve tried to set up, I’ve realised my mind was actually what made me fail.

Watch all of this training and absorb it.

Then watch it again.

Chapter 2 — How to Make Money Online

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020
Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020

Here are the lessons;

1. Choose Your Niche

  • This is how you get rich online
  • How to pick a profitable niche
  • Niche Examples
  • How to create your blue ocean

2. The 3 Profit Channels

  • How to make money with email marketing
  • How to make money with social Media

3. How to Pick Profitable Products

• My Favourite products to promote
• How to make money with ClickFunnels
• Other Affiliate Networks

4. Create Your Assets

This section dives into choosing a profitable niche, different examples of niches and how to differentiate what you’re offering from someone else offering the same. This is your ‘blue ocean’ and this training will teach you how to carve your own space out in a busy market.

Many people go round in circles choosing a niche and consuming instead of creating. Zach will guide you through all the confusion and get you into ACTION mode, instead of just going round in circles.

You’ll learn how to market to your leads through email marketing and social media and build up your loyal following so they become repeat, happy customers.

Chapter 3 — Building Your Magnetic Conversion Engine

Here are the lesson’s;

1. Sales Funnels 101

• Sales funnels overview
• Reverse engineer your way to success

2. The Affiliate Bridge Funnel

• Bridge Page Marketing
• Bridge Page Script

3. The Value Funnel

4. Email Marketing Mastery

• How to make money with email marketing
• Creating your attractive character
• SOS Sequence
• Broadcast Emails

5. How to set up your Funnel

By now you will have a good handle on what affiliate marketing is, what your niche is and who your target market is going to be. Plus, you’ll be pumped with your strong mind having the full belief you can make it and be in the zone to do whatever it takes.

This section will now teach you about the glue that will stick everything into place e.g; building your funnels, what to say and how to say it (storytelling and building your attractive character) and mastering email sequences.

Really pay attention in this section, as it is an area that can make or break you. Building relationships with people and gaining their like and trust is SO important.

People buy from people and from someone they can relate with (not the guy in front of a Ferrari like you might think).

But don’t worry if you have no idea what a funnel is and how it relates to affiliate marketing, as this training is beginner friendly and Zach explains everything in detail. You literally just watch the video, pause it and copy what Zach does step by step.

Chapter 4 — Traffic Mastery

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020
Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020

Here are the lessons;

1. Content Creation Strategies

• The Personal branding blueprint
• Invest, Learn, Teach
• Mastering Your Message
• Giving them the Big AHA
• Your Back Story
• Testing Your Hook and Stories

2. Social Media Selling

• My Social Media Strategy
• Creating content people love
• Facebook groups for business
• Leveraging established Facebook Groups
• The Live Stream Revolution
• The Closing Script

3. Video Marketing Mastery

• How YouTube works
• How to find video topics
• Optimizing your videos to ranks
• Use YouTube buddy for better rankings
• Set up your YouTube channel
• Uploading videos
• Creating thumbnails

Once you have all the backend stuff set-up, it’s now time to start getting out there and creating and engaging with people!

It’s so easy to just get stuck on this stage, thinking you not ready and wanting to keep perfecting everything. But believe me, getting out there and taking imperfect action is the way forward.

In this chapter Zach talks about the two biggest platforms you should be getting yourself out there on (Facebook and YouTube) and he’ll show you tested strategies on how to be successful here.

Developing your brand message and your voice is also talked about a lot here. You’ll learn how to master your message and really talk to people to give them that big aha moment and want to know more about what you’re offering.

This is an exciting part in the training. Throw yourself in there even if you don’t feel ready and get ready to feel uncomfortable! I did, and even though I made a complete idiot of myself on my first few Facebook lives, I look back now and am so glad I did it!

Zach drives the message home — success comes from those willing to do what others are not. AKA throwing yourself out of that warm and fluffy comfortable zone.

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Bonus Chapters

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020
Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020

Here are the extra bonus lessons and done for you marketing files;

How to Scale to 6 Figures +

  • 10X your sales with bonuses
  • How to create irresistible offers
  • Affiliate Product Launch Funnel
  • Facebook Ads Mastery Course

Monthly $100K Coaching Sessions +

  • ClickFunnels Masterclass

DFY Marketing

  • DFY Sales Funnels
  • Done for you Social Media Posts
  • Done for you Email Swipes
  • ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Funnel

Promote Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks & Make Money

  • How to promote SAMH
  • Best ways to promote SAMH
Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020
Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020

If you ask me ‘’why am I making a review of Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks for 2020’’, I’ll tell you it’s because I truly believe it’s the most in-depth, actionable, beginner-friendly affiliate marketing course out on the market.

Plus, I only promote products I believe in 100% and that I KNOW will help others be successful if they just take action and invest in themselves.

I’m very new to affiliate marketing myself, but I’ve learned so much and continue to learn from Zach and others inside the private Facebook group.

Zach Crawford has become one of the top five percenters that are called ‘super affiliates’. This coveted title is only attained by the few who have the tenacity and work ethic to give it everything they got.

I’m glad to be learning from one of these rare kinds of people and I know if I keep working my butt off, I’ll make it into the same league.

The big question is; do you want to join me?

Promoting Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks (SAMH) as an Affiliate

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review2020
Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review2020

One thing that will be covered in the course is being an ethical affiliate and only promoting products you have either used or know are brilliant. This is what I thought was great as well, while many affiliates will promote anything and everything, Zach drills it home about treating your customers like REAL people, not just ATM machines to sell them anything.

This is why I became an affiliate for this course Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks and I also promote ClickFunnels (which I use also). They are both digital products I know, use and believe in and can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone else.

When you join the SAMH course, you’ll get the chance to promote Zach’s course also, which is a great starting point when you’re a newbie, you’re feeling out of your depth and you don’t have your own product yet to promote.

And, you might be thinking ‘’but how will I sell the course to anyone when there are many more experienced marketers selling it out there?’’. I used to think like this but remember; people buy from people and once you start talking to people in your social media groups, sharing your journey and your story, showing your life and struggles, people will be attracted to YOU and buy from you.

You’ll get 50% of everyone you sign up to Zach’s SAMH course and he’s even thrown in the possibility of winning a dream car!

Another option is to promote the One Funnel Away Challenge by Russel Brunson. And Zach has even set up a funnel within the training portal, ready to go for you to just plug in your details and start promoting.

Every sign-up you get for the One Funnel Away will get you $100 and some people are making a fortune just selling this.

So, you don’t even need your own products to get started with the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks course. All the information, tools and software is set up for you to consume and put into action!

Check out Zach’s FREE training webinar here.

How Much Is the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Course?

This is usually the point where people get put off — having to fork out for the initial payment. The thing is I avoided this for years thinking I could make it on my own and just went round in circles trying, failing and giving up for a while.

Don’t see the cost of the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks course as like you’re overspending and going on a mad spending spree. It’s an investment in YOU and an investment that if you put the work in, you’ll make back in two sales if you promote SAMH yourself!

Zach’s course currently comes in at $997 and remember — this is with the huge bonus stack! So much is done for you, meaning you can get your affiliate business up and running a lot quicker than with other courses.

Is SAMH Right for You?

Yes if;

- You are willing to work hard and put in consistent daily action

- You will have a long term over short term mindset and not give up in a few months

- You are willing to do anything it takes to build your affiliate business (e.g; get uncomfortable)

- You are willing to study outside of the course and teach yourself skills that you may need (not just always expect someone to give you an answer)

- You are willing to invest in yourself and NEVER, EVER give up

- You want to build a sustainable, profitable and ethical affiliate marketing business that will not only benefit you, but your whole family

- You dream of breaking away from the 9–5 grind building someone else business and you want to build YOUR own dream business being your own boss

- You want to build a profitable, sustainable online business that will give you more time in the future to travel or spend with your family

No if;

- You don’t want to work and just want a ‘get rich quick scheme’

- You are not willing to take responsibility for where you are in your life

- You won’t take daily action on what you learn

- You see investing in a digital course to gain knowledge pointless, you’d rather spend the money on material things

- You’re not willing to take risks, get uncomfortable and be coachable

Last Thoughts on Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks 2020

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020
Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020

There are many courses and gurus online claiming to teach you how to build a successful affiliate marketing business. I know because I’ve looked at a lot like I’m sure you have!

The thing is Zach Crawford is the real deal. A real gritty success story making his way up from minus $50,000 to multi-millionaire through affiliate marketing!

He doesn’t stand in front of a pool with his shades on telling you it’s going to be easy. Run from those people! He’s a straight-talking guy who gives you all the information and tools he can and stays around for the ride to support you along the way.

The people you should be learning this stuff from are the people who’ve made it up from the trenches and Zach is one of those guys.

Invest in his course, do everything he says step by step and keep taking action — and you may just become the next super affiliate success story.

Sound good?

Take a look at Zach’s FREE training webinar HERE.

Still need more convincing? Read some awesome comments from current students in the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks training programme.

Good Vibes From Inside the Training Group

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020
Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020
Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020
Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review 2020

Check Out My YouTube Video Talking About the SAMH Course

Take A Look At My Exclusive Extra Bonuses

I’ve created an added bonus package for those buying through my link. You can check out the extra bonus package HERE.

Register TODAY for Zach’s FREE webclass and see what you could learn in 2020! Click HERE!

Thanks for reading my Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks review for 2020! I hope you got some value from it and you take that plunge into the course to build yourself a profitable online business with affiliate marketing.

Reach out to me with any questions, I’m always happy to help!

Let’s talk on Facebook:

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