The power tools and resources hold for growing your business

There are so many tips, strategies, and lessons to digest and learn when you’re creating and growing your business.

Some of the earlier tips, strategies, and lessons you consumed hopefully included things like:

This is not an exhaustive list by any means; however, I’ve just name some pretty massive pieces of the puzzle when it comes to creating and growing your business.

All the different options

Once you’ve digested these things, and maybe done a little research on the steps you need to take to get started, you’ve likely realized there are a lot of options available to you: tools, resources, software, and services that can help you accomplish these things.

As if digesting and learning about these things wasn’t overwhelming enough, now you’re supposed to choose from dozens of tools and resources that all claim they’re the best one?

Aside from the obvious (that this can be paralyzing and cause us to procrastinate, or worse, never take any action at all), this also puts you in a situation where you feel like you have to hurry up and choose one in order to move forward.

Choosing the tool or resource that’s best for your business

Sometimes this means choosing a tool or resource that costs too much, or that isn’t truly the right tool for you and your business. And when the wrong tools and resources are in place, you run the risk of:

  • Wasting time
  • Wasting money
  • Not making as much progress as you could be
  • Increased (and unnecessary) frustration

None of these things are the things that will help you successfully create and grow your business.

On the flip side, if you’re able to make well-informed decisions about the tools and resources you choose for your business, you’ll not only be able to charge ahead with confidence, you’ll also avoid the risks involved with choosing a tool or resource just to choose.

Tools and resources we use at EOFire

The tools and resources we use here at EOFire are literally what have helped support our business growth. We wouldn’t be where we are right now — with over 1 million monthly listens on the podcast, tens of thousands signed up for our email lists, and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars per month — without the tools and resources we leverage every day.

Now don’t get me wrong: we’ve definitely experienced what it’s like to choose the wrong tool or resource. As a result, we’ve wasted a lot of time and money and not made as much progress as we could have.

This is why I’m passionate about sharing the tools and resources that I know work — because I don’t believe anyone should waste time, money, or be halted in their progress towards creating and growing a business they love because of a ill-informed decision.

Every business is different

I can’t guarantee that every tool and resources I’m going to talk about here in Season 3 is going to be right for you and your business.

Every business is different.

What I can guarantee is that I will tell you everything I know about the tools and resources I’m going to talk about so you have information to go off from when choosing the tools and resources that will be best for your business.

I’ll not only cover the exact tools and resources I believe are most powerful in our business, but I’ll also talk about similar tools and resources. I’ll share why we’ve chosen one over the other, and I’ll even include price comparisons and feature and benefit info to help you decide.

When you choose the right tools and resources for your business, and leverage them correctly, you save time and money.

When you choose the right tools and resources for your business, and leverage them correctly, you make more progress than you would otherwise.

When you choose the right tools and resources for your business, and leverage them correctly, your journey becomes that much more FUN, and the frustration of not having the best possible structure in place disappears.

Are you ready to put the right tools and resources in place for your business, and start leveraging them to fullest in order to save time, money, make more progress, and all the while, have FUN doing it?

In Season 3 we’ll be covering tools and resources by category. You can check out a full outline of what to expect right here.

A quick rundown of Season 3 on Tools and Resources

  • Communication & relationship management
  • Organization & systems
  • Content
  • Project management
  • Your website
  • Social media
  • And more!

Have a category you’re dying to hear about, and that you DON’T SEE in the Season 3 outline? That’s why I’ve set aside an entire episode for YOU to choose which tools and resources you want to hear about most.

Shoot me an email, or drop a comment below and let me know what category interests you MOST — or that would be MOST helpful — and I’ll pick the listener favorite for Episode 9!

Originally published at on August 1, 2016.