Be Safe And Be Seen With Safety Reflectors

A safety reflector is an object with polished surface, typically used to reflect light or light beam. Intended purpose of using reflectors is to alert others about one’s presence in dim or dark areas. Some of the potential users of reflectors include rode workers, rescue operators, construction engineers, cyclists, runners, and individuals working in the dark. Reflectors can also be used on vehicles’ rear for safety reasons. They don’t improve the night vision of a person, but can very aptly minimize the risk of unexpected accidents or collisions. Designed to be affixed to footwear, clothes, skateboards, cycles, and anything you wear or carry, safety reflectors come in different shapes and sizes.

Cycling, running, skating or working in the dark could be risky for pedestrians or passer-by. People with reflectors are visible from a marginal distance, particularly in the dark or dim environment. So, they could be a great means to make others aware of your presence. Even a thumb sized reflector can make you visible in the dark. When driving in the dark, using a reflector on your vehicle could be a precautionary step to ensure safety.

Overlooking safety measures while driving, cycling or working in the dark could be risky. Why take risk when you have a wide variety of safety reflectors in the market. Safety reflectors are designed for runners, pedestrians, and motorize and non-motorized vehicles. They are similar to reflective stripes that are usually worn on vests and clothing by road workers and rescue operators. Unlike luminous badges or luminous tags that produce light, reflectors just reflect light or light beam. They make wearers or vehicles more visible on the road. They are useful where no light resource is available.

As reported by NHTSA, about 70% of cycling injuries occur in the dark. However, the use of reflectors has reduced the percentage by 50%. As the headlights of other vehicles fall on a reflector, the wearer becomes visible from about 500 feet. When visiting the market to buy safety reflectors, you probably have multiple options. Don’t get confused seeing such a wide availability of reflectors. Choose one that meets your requirements. If you need reflectors for your cycle or skateboard, consider buying one that can be affixed permanently. Also, there are other types of reflectors that can be worn with clothing and footwear for added safety. If you don’t have time to visit the market, you can choose to buy safety reflectors online.

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