So, I Want To Be An Ally
Will Staton

To be an ally, you should always let the marginalized voices be heard instead of your own. Using Twitter as an example, that means retweeting marginalized people instead of quote tweeting. The single best way to be an ally is to use your own platform and audience to amplify marginalized voices. You don’t have to understand my struggle to do that, you just need to recognize your own privilege and use it to boost marginalized voices like mine.

I write about trans issues, my followers here and on Twitter are mostly other trans people. You as a cis white straight man have an audience that is much different (and without looking, probably larger) than mine. I could write the best trans essays in history (they’re good but not that good) and it won’t make a difference if the only people reading them are also trans people. Don’t worry about whether there’s a place for you in any movements and instead leverage your privilege in our favor. ☺