Twitter is a dumpster fire and I’m tired of getting burned

So I deactivated my Twitter account…

Katelyn Burns
Jul 8, 2018 · 2 min read

Look I’ll keep this short. Twitter is rather pointless for much of anything beyond meeting people with similar identities and interests. In terms of actual ideological engagement, the platform magnifies a sense of conflict. It’s hard to remember that Twitter is just a random set of individuals spouting off at the mouth.

There are no roving bands of Berniebros, there are no Clintonistas, no armies of trans rights activists or TERFs, just people with fingers and opinions. We’re not armies fighting for fairness and truth, just people trying to exist and survive in a world that’s scary and shifting beneath our feet. I’ve let these Twitter wars consume me, I’m not proud of it honestly. At the end of the day my follower count means nothing, other than making me a bigger, more enticing target.

I’m tired of having my account crawled over for juicy screenshots. I’m tired of obsessed accounts getting up my ass because I said something (looking at you 4thWaveNow. What’s your fucking deal? You rarely cross my mind but you’re constantly rolling out screenshots of my tweets, more than any other trans woman on Twitter. Why?).

I admit it’s my fault, I maybe built an inflated sense of self from the fake world of Twitter. But the harsh reality is that Twitter doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, I’m just a trans woman trying to survive in a world that mostly doesn’t believe I should exist.

Twitter only magnifies that, so I deleted my account.

I’ll be back after my surgery at some point but I honestly don’t need my account for work for a couple weeks and I’m going to take that time to figure out how to enjoy life outside of the Twitter dumpster fire.

    Katelyn Burns

    Written by

    Trans woman, parent, New Englander, feminist. Follow me on Twitter @transscribe

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