Black Women In the Make-up Industry

Black women in the makeup industry is scarce. Although it is scarce, they deserve the same amount of recognition as other woman doing make-up. A lot of beauty gurus who are black and on you tube have the same amount of subscribers as any other guru but they do not get the same amount of recognition. Black make-up artists are underground, meaning they have the talent but they do not get the same clout as other races. Although people see their talent it does not receive the credit deserved.

There is not a lot of black makeup owned companies. A lot of high end companies are ran by white women and men. The make-up industry is not as diverse as it could be. The problem with not having diverse makeup companies is representation. a lot of Ads that make-up companies use feature white woman, and shades that only match with their skin tone. One thing that has received controversy in the make-up industry is shades being advertised on white women does not show up as the same color on darker skin tones.

The solution to the lack of diversity in the makeup industry is black women and men having their own cosmetic companies. Another solution would be the lack of diversity being publicized. A lot of people do not pay attention to the variety in cosmetics because it is not being brought up. If enough people would show there concern with the make-up industry not being diverse, it could potentially raise an awareness and change. If women of darker skin tones could advertise the different shades of makeup, it could also help with diversity issues.

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