It wasn’t until Styers was in her mid-20’s that her mother stabilized and greatly reduced the amount of episodes she had when dealing with her illness. It lead to a very unhappy home life.
Running Through Your Issues
Jessica Byrd

Weird flow here. [In her twenties] >[Mom stabilized] > [Unhappy home life] is a little jarring bc the first sentence ends with the mom stabilizing, which is a happy thing. Maybe something like, “While her mother’s episodes did eventually become less frequent, she only began to fully stabilize when Styers was in her 20’s. The severity of her illness prior to that time made for an unhappy home life when Styers was a child.”

Or even just change the second sentence to like “The severity of her illness during Styers childhood, however, led to an unhappy home life.”

Idk dude, something that doesn’t give that first sentence such a happy ending, only to contradict it with the second.

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