21 Days to freedom

Yesterday was day one of 21 days to freedom. Or something like that. At least it was day 1 of 21 on my newest experiment. I call it an experiment because I really have no idea how it is going to go when I am only 1-day in. I want to sit here and tell the world I am going to kill the next 21 days. But let’s be real here. I have not touched my weights in a year. I mean I had to literally dust the poor things off for Christ sake. Not to mention I only grabbed the three and five pound ones. A year ago, before I started letting them collect dust in the back of my closet, I was working with my 20 pound dumbbells. For a moment I wanted to feel sorry for myself and not even bother. I mean what’s the point if you can’t be prefect, or at least as good as you once were right for the start. Right? Wrong!

I am starting again. That is essentially being a beginner, again. At least that is how my muscles feel about the prospect of working with 20 pound dumbbells for 30 minutes. And while I might not feel great about having you use the “baby weights” I am pretty sure I would feel worse if I woke up today not doing another work out, or quitting half way through because I was too stubborn to listen to my limits. So I took my “baby weights” and I hit play on 30 minutes of plyometric cardio. And I learnt a few things in that 30 minutes that I’d like to share.

I was better than I thought. And dare I say the workout was easier than I thought it was going to be. Don’t get me wrong it was still super challenging. I was sweating, I got runners stitch a few times, despite my yoga breathing, and my muscles hurt to move today. All signs of a good workout in my books. At least all but the runner’s stitch. But I think when I repeat the work out next Monday night I will up my weights to five and eight pounds and see how I fair. Because it turns out my body retained quite a bit of strength this past year while doing yoga. Thanks yoga!

Most days my work outs are not going to happen until closer to bed time since there really is nowhere else to fit them but the end of my day or the start. And I am simply not an early riser. So last night I finished my work out and 10-minute yoga flow just before 10pm. This is usually when I like to be in bed by and I still had to shower and get myself into a mental space ready for sleep. Thankfully guided meditations help me fall asleep pretty quickly and last night was no different. Yet 530am still came pretty quick and I found myself hitting snooze and falling back to sleep until 615. Usually I just lie in bed thinking about falling back asleep until 615. I’m guessing I was tired because, yes I stayed up a bit later, but I think my body still needed some recovery time after what was probably the most work it’s done in a long time.

I am excited to compare the differences in my progress last year with the program and my progress this year. After day one I am feeling really great about my prospects and my ability to be successful on this 21-day journey.

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