Sometimes the most extraordinary thing you can accomplish is show up!

There are going to be time where we all lack the motivation to do whatever it is we may have to do: a work out, write a blog post, do the dishes, anything really. For every argument to complete our scheduled task there are three more not to! Day nine of my 21-day work out experiment was full of all the reasons not to head up stairs and hit play. Literally every reason in the book popped into my head, and yet I knew all of them were rooted in pure laziness and thing else. Quite simply, I had zero desire to do anything productive, especially work out. Even if somewhere deep down inside of me I knew, I would feel fabulous if I just got it done.

With no good reason not to, I begrudgingly made my way upstairs and hit play. This work out was messy. It was hard, sweaty and totally uncoordinated. It was by no means my best appearance thus far. I did not push myself harder, I did not squat lower, I did not get that extra rep in, no matter how many times the trainer yelled at me through the screen. In fact, I told my computer to Fuck Off more times than I am proud of. When it finally ended I patted myself on the back because despite everything I still managed to show up. The most extraordinary part of my work out was that I showed up.

In fact, the most extraordinary part of my day was that I showed up to all of my responsibilities on a day when my bed was calling my name before I even got out of it. Day nine was simply a no motivation day. And that is okay. My biggest lesson on day nine was that done is better than perfect. Because when I woke up on day ten, I didn’t have anything to catch up on. I didn’t feel bad for skipping my work out. I still had a job to go to because I showed up the day before. And I didn’t have a mountain of dishes waiting for me, because let’s be honest, nothing kills motivation like a stack of dirty dishes! So I am thankful I showed up even when I didn’t want to while still being kind to myself for only showing up.

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