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Branding is so important when you are posting on your social media accounts. You want your audience to identify your post as with your brand without even having to look at your handle. After all, when you scroll through your feed, do you notice the names of the people posting, or do you only look at who posted once it has already caught your attention? I am willing to bet it’s the latter.

It is so important to make sure your audience identifies with your content when they are scrolling through their social media feeds. However, it is equally important to recognize you don’t need to post the same content on all your feeds. In fact, I would advise against it. Here’s why:

Facebook has a different audience than Instagram, Instagram has a different audience than Twitter, Twitter has a different audience than Pinterest and, Pinterest has a different audience than Facebook and, and well you get the point. Each social media platform is different because they have a different audience!

Let’s be honest, this can be frustrating! Creating content is time consuming! Or it should be if you are putting thought into it. And creating different types of content for each platform is not only overwhelming it is also somewhat unrealistic. My advice is stick with two or three platforms that resonate with you and your brand and post on those platforms while keeping in mind what type of audience you are going to encounter there. Personally I find the most benefit from Facebook and Instagram, so I’m going to share my best practices for posting there.

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On Facebook, I like use eye catching images with text, giving my audience a quick summary on the back drop of a photo. Should this snippet of info catch the eye of my audience then hopefully they will be enticed to read the body of my Facebook post. Facebook doesn’t restrict how long your post can be so this is a great place to post all the details of your product or service! Just try to avoid getting to wordy and boring your audience.

Facebook is also a wonderful place to share curated content or content that is not your own. Did you just finish reading an article relevant to your business that you think could benefit your audience? Post it! Tell your audience why you loved it and why they will love it too! Not only are you giving your audience an opportunity to become educated about your product or service, you are making yourself more credible by sharing where you get your knowledge!

And finally, Facebook is probably the best place for Videos! Seriously, videos are where it is at on Facebook! Videos are getting the highest engagement on this platform. And while it maybe a little scary to post videos they are a quick way to get your message and your personality, which is what a lot of consumers become attached to, across to your audience. So please be Brave, post that video! And remember practice makes perfect with this one!

Instagram on the other hand, is all about the pictures. Here your image needs to be captivating enough to provoke your audience without any text. I will not lie, this is hard and is going to require a bit of trial and error. For my Instagram posts, I like to run two or three images over a short period of time that are advertising the same product. For one of my current clients I recently ran market research while promoting a class. In one series of photos I posted shots of individuals usually sitting or standing looking at the camera, in another series of photos I posted shots of a group caught in a moment of action. According to the Instagram analytics the action shots preformed 85% — 95% better than the still shots. By watching and understanding my analytics I can post pictures that I now know will be enticing enough for my audience to stop and read my caption, rather than continuing to scroll past.

Photo by Andrei Coman on Unsplash

Behind-the-scenes photos are having a major moment on Instagram at the moment as well. And it would be remiss not to capitalize on this. Whether you are posting the making of a product or a candid shot of your business partner in the mist of responding to emails, behind-the-scenes photos captivate your audience like “how-to’s on Pinterest. I would also suggest putting the most important and relevant information as the VERY FIRST sentence on your Instagram caption. Realistically even if your audience is captured by your post they will likely not read much more than the first few sentences. So, keep it short and keep it the top.

As I mentioned these are my favorite social platforms at the moment and they are what is working for me and my clients. But it is important to stick with what resonates with you. If twitter has been a favorite of yours and you have built your business to this point there, I would not abandon ship, rather I would dig into what has been the most successful for you and replicate that, without getting stale of course.

Good Luck!

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