A better way to split the focus between kids on Zoom and kids in the classroom.

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In the transition to remote learning, educators are doing more work than ever before. We are re-learning how to do our jobs, pivoting between instructional models, and constantly innovating our practice to provide the best quality instruction to our learners.

Many of us are faced with difficult challenges, and at times, we just do not have the mental space to consider and overcome them. I feel that, because that’s exactly where I was last month.

Schools and districts around the world are trying to reopen their doors, so many are considering a hybrid or concurrent model of teaching. While getting students back into classrooms is an obvious success, it does place a heavy burden on teachers. …

This time of year, there are a lot of endings. The end of a school year. The end of an elementary, middle, or high school experience. The end of a college career.

Usually these endings are met with celebrations and new beginnings. …

“Grades during this time should be used as feedback instead of instruments of compliance.”

The Illinois Governor, J. B. Pritzker, made this statement when announcing that schools across the state would be closed until April 30th. Upon hearing it, I was proud that our state would be prioritizing learning and growth over grading. As I reflected on it further, the same thought kept returning to me.

Shouldn’t this be our approach all the time?

Those fully invested in the gradeless (or evidence-based reporting or standards-based reporting) movement use ‘grades’ in this way all the time. Many see in students a renewed passion for learning, a willingness to take risks, and an increased investment in progress. …


Katelynn Giordano

Author of Curriculum Coffee, a written shot of espresso for educators. Sixth grade language arts teacher, writer, coffee enthusiast & cat lady.

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