I have so far spent my life expecting a great tragedy

My eyes put up shields to the thoughts that echo in my brain

I’ve echoed a memory from the shores of the past

Lapse and lapse

ebb and flow just as the fire

touches the darkness and brings it to light

For a moment passing

until embers become glowing dust

and eventually grey

As the bleakness

of a life lived on timed alarm

Each day to rise and fall on

to the silent vibrations of childhood dreams

Coming and going

seeking and breathing

seething as an entire whole

Engineered to become something greater than itself

We rest on nothing

until nothing becomes everything

Booming in the background and

calling out at me

All the things I choose not to see

are there

I want to walk away from rushing waters

but I keep falling in

To deeper darker beliefs

I want to travel beyond

any limits I have presumed

Maybe they’ve been made up

only to be conquered by

trial and error

attempt and failure

Let me dare to be wilder than

the things I know

not to be true

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