Higher Education (Day 2)

Today started with an interview with Denver-based journalist Josiah Hesse (@JosiahMHesse). Though we have studied a variety of ways in which cannabis has impacted our social culture, Josiah introduced the perspective of how the introduction of cannabis has revolutionized journalism.

Josiah Hesse Twitter (@JosiahMHesse)

When marijuana was legalized in Colorado, there were many potential effects on society. Many debated the potential economical interest, or feared the potential impact on crime, but Josiah has used this legislation to find his niche in the Cannabis Industry.

Working as a freelance writer for a variety of news sources, Josiah discussed a variety of topics circulating the topic of marijuana.

We spent time today delving further into various options for our research topics, and our second guest, Susannah Grossman, came in to not only introduce a new facet of the Cannabis industry, but to help us delve further into our individual research topics.

Susannah Grossman Facebook

Susannah works as a public relations representative for the group Women Grow, a community that works to empower women’s presence in the cannabis industry and work to remove stigmas like the “bongs and bikinis” stereotype.

I decided to delve further into the inconsistency of edible potency and how that affects consumer safety. After our discussion with Susannah, I decided to centralize my research to understanding how the edible aspect of the cannabis industry is evolving, and how it is affecting those specializing in the edible cannabis industry.

One of the most impactful insights came during our viewing of a “The Cannabist Show” filming. Ricardo Baca has played an imperative role in the normalization and social education of cannabis culture, and runs the weekly podcast, broadcasted from the Denver Post newsroom every Tuesday evening. After the filming, we sat with Ricardo and TK, one of today’s guests, to discuss a variety of aspects of cannabis culture. One of the most enlightening reccomendations they gave was to “follow the money.” I am excited to investigate further into the trail of money contributing to various contradicting aspects to this complex culture.

I plan to spent tomorrow researching further into the trail of money contributing to a variety of difficult regulations being placed on edible cannabis, and the affects on consumer safety.