Silicon Valley’s Unchecked Arrogance
Ross Baird

I appreciate the thought that went into this article and the openness of the authors to engage further dialogue. You pose helpful questions.

As someone who grew up in Chicago I often hear how the Midwest is “fly over country”. Yet Warren Buffet resides in Omaha, dozens of large multi-national companies are based in Minneapolis, and we’re seeing amazing innovation come from Detroit. I have little patience for the Silicon Valley “elite” and do think that some of the greatest inventions (not just innovations) have been created out of necessity. I can’t say the same for Instagram.

I would however, alter the question “How do we change ownership structures to prevent Snapchat, Instagram, and Whatsapp from distributing billion-dollar windfalls among only a couple dozen people?” to “How do we cultivate moral leaders who think holistically about the structure of their business to benefit more than a couple dozen people?”

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