Home Decorating Ideas You Must Try in 2016

New year new luck or in this case new year new colour for the walls.

Pop Of Colour

“One of the biggest mistakes people make with neutrals is not using enough contrast. A room of creams and beiges needs something stark and shiny white. And something black. You have to interject elements that add intense personality. Make it gutsy, or else it’s boring.” — Betsy Brown
“The biggest mistake people make when they’re trying to be colorful and exciting is to forget that you need to balance it with neutrals — otherwise it ends up looking like a color wheel.” — Todd Klein

The note to take from those words is that we need balance in home interior and decorating just like we need it in any other aspect of our lives. To achieve this you can go in many directions but there’s a simple rule you can follow known as the ‘60–30–10 rule’. Simply said those are proportions, how much of each colour should be used: 60% of the room like the walls for example to be in one main color, 30% (furniture) in another and the last 10% are reserved for the accents in the room or that little pop of color that brings everything together.

If you want your home to represent the latest trends in home decor, then better start with a brief research about the trendy shades. Usually when it comes to colour trends the go-to people to look up to are Pantone. And unlike 2015 when the Institute choose the rather bold Marsala color, for 2016 they announced more of a soft and light take, Rose Quartz (pale pink) and Serenity (light blue). This is also the first time when the Pantone Color Institute selects to blend two colors, perfectly balanced calming and compatible.

How to use them in your home? You don’t need to redo all the of the house. You only need a few accent details like changing the drapes, cushions or bed covers. This way you will change the whole look of the room and you won’t have to spend a fortune doing so. Here are a few trendy ideas.

*Left: 12345678910 *Right: 12345678910

Giant Terrariums

If you are interested in home decorating and design for a while, you’ll know that in 2014 ceiling-mounted terrariums were a thing. They weren’t forgotten in 2015 as well and let’s just face it, the look cool. Here you can improvise and fill the terrarium with anything you want. Here are a few ideas:

  • Pebbles and cactus flowers/succulents;
  • Sand and seashells;
  • Dried flowers;
  • Water pearls/ beads.

Of all of the above the water pearls also called water beads will most probably need some explanation. So what are they and what are they used for?

Water pearls are pearls made of absorbent polyacrylamides, completely safe and non toxic. Generally they are used for decoration but they have many other uses. You can use them on their own or in a bowl with cut flowers. Add candles or a light diodes in the bowl and turn them into a stunning centre piece. Decorative beads are bouncy, squishy, come in many colours and few shapes and sizes. Best part they are cheap (£2–3) and a tiny package will grow into a large bowl.

Go Floral

It’s always nice to have fresh cut flowers in the room. The thing with them is that they often need a bit more maintenance and if you forget to change the water for a few days. I won’t even go there… This however doesn’t mean that you can’t have the beautiful spring look that they give to a room. Artificial flowers can be the perfect solution for the busy (or not so much) woman. You can choose from various production materials, fabrics even paper, and your guests won’t even be able to tell the difference between the fake and the real ones. Plus thanks to your imagination (aand maybe a little help from Pinterest) you can find new ways to decorate with them as they don’t need water and don’t have to be necessarily stuck in a vase on the table.

Chalkboard paint


Chalkboard paint turned into a a big thing in the decorating over the past few years. The only thing you have to do when you decide to go for a chalkboard paint is to get a quality one. Everything else is like painting with a regular paint and the uses are various:

  • In the home office for a to do list or a calendar;
  • In the kids room so they can paint as much as they want without you bothering how to erase the mess of the walls;
  • Flower pots, jars, storage boxes, furniture, why not even the fridge.

Looking for even more inspiration check a few more easy & affordable home decorating ideas.

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