I’ve Had a Cyberstalker Since I Was 12
Roni Jacobson

I have something worse. I covered a trial and took the position the person was innocent (he was). For the last 5 years a wealthy and quasi-famous person has hired hackers (caught them red handed via monitors, plus an IT expert) yes, you’ve been hacked through your blog, there is a code put in one that sends them to the key to your email box. My personal emails were collected in folders I could not delete and then sent out to right wing Christian churches, his publishers head office, lawyers, you name it. Now he is blocking any story I write on Medium. People can’t like my story and it doesn’t show up in Google feed. I did what you did, FBI, nadda. No one has the resources.

Who ever sued him was on the right track. That appears to be the only way to stop them, but who has money for that?

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