Krakauer blocking Mortenson story on Search engines, hacking email so Medium support not getting my additional data.


After patient Greg at tech support contacted google and put in a ticket to reindex my feed, google is now responding as it should.

Better luck next time. KO

Krakauer, you really are one desperate fool. Your army of hackers are not going to stop me, and I hope it is costing you a bundle to manipulate and hack your dissenters.

Today’s Google feed: all my medium stories there by name and title except the one on Greg Mortenson. Look at comment “Very interesting Kate..” The title “Greg Mortenson isca Girl’s Best Friend” show up in his comment, but title is blocked from search engine and no where on other search engines.

Look at link for for Greg Mortenson. Shows his name (after not going in feed for 8 days until I posted I had put complaint into Medium tech support. Look below: does not show up on Bing or Yahoo search engines either.

Now when I respond to Medium tech, it goes into draft folder and they don’t receive my emails.

DOJ is looking into you over your Missoula debacle, you are just throwing wood on the fire.

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